Our family has been in waste management for generations. Our father owns and operates his own skip bin company, our uncles and cousins also own their own skip bin companies and waste management groups. Together our family has decades worth of knowledge in the waste management industry here in Sydney and NSW.


We started Dump It Bins in 2006 with only one truck. In ten years we’ve grown to 30+ trucks, with the ability and flexibility to serve the entire Sydney area at any time.


All our waste is tipped and sorted at our EPA licensed facility. Nothing is sent directly from our site to landfill, and anything we can’t process on site is sent to one of our recycling partners. We can also supply accurate waste reporting to accomodate your environmental responsibilities and compliance.

Thank you for wanting to learn more about Dump It Bins. We’re proud of the company we’re grown to be, and are excited to help customers across the Sydney area with their waste management needs. Whether it’s a small clean up or a major construction project, there’s no job we can’t handle.


Dump It Bins is one of the largest family owned and operated waste management companies in Sydney. The Dump It Bins name to us has as much importance as our family name has to hte industry. We take pride in having a reputable family owned business, and with our long lasting customers we have built a reputation of being abele to service them promptly and efficiently. We’re large enough to get a skip bin to anywhere in the Sydney region, but small enough that we give personal attention to all of our customers, DIY or corporate construction alike.


We look forward to helping you on your project.

–  Matt and Chris Calleija


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