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Whether you are renovating the bathroom or are a large commercial enterprise,
we have a variety of skip bin sizes as well as a helpful service team to get your rubbish removed.

Different types of projects need different sized bins, and simply guessing what size bin you need can actually end up costing you more money than expected. General household clean-ups might only require a small 2m3 bin that can hold 2 small box trailers' worth of waste, whereas renovating your kitchen and bathroom may call for a 4m3 bin, large enough to hold a small hatchback. We're DIY and weekend warriors just like you, and know that the last thing you want to think about is how to get rid of your project waste. Let us take care of it for you.


In order to meet deadlines, every aspect of your job needs to run on time. We fulfil our customer's skip bin needs whenever and wherever, and ensure we get the job done on time. Our fixed trade pricing means you don't have to worry about any extra costs due to weight or volume of your skip bin when full, making your job a bit easier.


You’re only as good as your team and the contractors you use, and your growth is dependent on your customers being happy with your work and you working smarter. The longer you wait for your skip bin to arrive, the more time wasted on your job. At Dump It we take pride in ensure our customers get the bins they need when they need them. Our fixed pricing gives you control in knowing what your waste management costs will be.


While waste management is only a relatively minor cost it’s still a critical part of any larger commercial construction project. It’s about having the right bin for that tricky access area and limited access hours, having all bins changed over on time and having the peace of mind that if you need a bin urgently, we’ll get it to you. With our extensive fleet, we never overpromise and under deliver. We can work with you to create cost effective waste management plans to keep your budget in check, and can supply accurate waste reporting to accommodate your environmental responsibilities.


Our Skip Bins

Pick a Bin to Suit Your Needs

1100 L

Width: 1.2 m   Height: 1.3 m
Length: 1.1 m   Cranable: No


1.5 M3

Width: 1.2 m   Height: 1.1 m
Length: 1.8 m   Cranable: Yes


2 M3

Width: 1.6 m   Height: 0.9 m
Length: 1.9 m   Cranable: No


3 M3

Width: 1.6 m   Height: 1.0 m
Length: 2.5 m   Cranable: No


4 M3

Width: 1.6 m   Height: 1.0 m
Length: 3.3 m   Cranable: No


6 M3

Width: 1.6 m   Height: 1.3 m
Length: 3.7 m   Cranable: No


9 m3

Width: 1.8 m   Height: 1.7 m
Length: 3.8 m   Cranable: No


C9 m3

Width: 1.8 m   Height: 1.7 m
Length: 3.8 m   Cranable: Yes


13 m3

Width: 2.4 m   Height: 1.1 m
Length: 6.3 m   Cranable: No


17 M3

Width: 2.4 m   Height: 1.38 m
Length: 6.3 m   Cranable: No


25 M3

Width: 2.4 m   Height: 2.0 m
Length: 6.3 m   Cranable: No


32 m3

Width: 2.4 m   Height: 2.6 m
Length: 6.3 m   Cranable: No


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Our family has been in waste management for generations. Our father owns and operates his own skip bin company, our uncles and cousins also own their own skip bin companies and waste management groups. Together our family has hundreds of years’ worth of knowledge in the waste management industry here in Sydney and NSW.

We take pride in having a reputable family owned business, and with our long lasting customers we have built a reputation of being able to service them promptly and efficiently.  We’re large enough to get a skip bin to anywhere in the Sydney region, but small enough that we give personal attention to all of our customers, DIY or building professional.  All our waste is tipped and sorted at our EPA licensed facility.  Nothing is sent directly from our site to landfill, and anything we can't process on site is sent to one of our recycling partners.  

Frequently asked questions

Our prices are fixed per bin and what type of material you have going in the bin. You pay for the bin itself, not for the weight or volume of your waste.

That all depends on how much waste you have. If you’re doing a household clean up, 2m3 or 3m3 bin might be sufficient. These can carry 2-3 small trailer loads of waste. For larger renovation projects 4-6m3 bins are better. For reference, these can very easily fit a small hatchback.

Still unsure what size you need? That’s okay, give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

You can put almost anything into our general waste bins, with the exception of food waste, liquid waste or asbestos. If you need a food waste or asbestos bin, we can provide you with these as well, they just need to be seperated.

Make sure when you load your bin, nothing is hanging over the sides or over the top. The rubbish needs to be flush with the top of the bin for safe transport. If your bin is on public property or you have nosy neighbours, tie a tarp over the top of the bin to keep people from adding their rubbish to your bin.

If you order before 10am, we can get you a skip bin the same day. Anything booked after 10am will be delivered within 24 hours.

We’re usually pretty flexible with how long bins are on site. Most bins stay on site for two weeks. After that we can discuss with you how to manage your waste efficiently, whether that be with multiple bins or a cost effective waste management plan.

We can place bins almost anywhere on private property that we can get our vehicles to. If you think access is restricted, let us know so we can work through it with you and send the correct truck for your job. For nature strips, roads or any public area, talk to your local council about restrictions and getting a permit. We have standing permits in some council areas so we may be able to help.

Definitely. We can supply accurate waste reporting to accommodate your environmental responsibility and compliance. We are also members of the Green Building Council of Australia.

Our state of the art recycling Facility

Areas we Service

  • Blue Mountains
  • City
  • Canterbury-Bankstown
  • Forest District
  • Hills District
  • Inner West
  • Macarthur
  • Western Sydney
  • Northern Beaches
  • Lower North Shore
  • Upper North Shore
  • Northern Suburbs
  • Southwest Sydney
  • Southeast Sydney
  • St George
  • Greater Western Sydney

We service all of the Sydney area, but if you’re outside of the area, call us anyway. We may still be able to help with your waste management needs and offer advice and recommendations.

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