Confidentiality Policy

The confidentiality policy has been developed to ensure that Dump It employees are aware of; the sensitivity of corporate information and understand their responsibilities in regards to confidential information. 

During their tenure with the company employees may come into possession of information considered by the company to be of a confidential nature. Information may be considered confidential due to: 

It is an express condition of employment that, with the exception of publications in the public domain such as marketing brochures, all information obtained in the performance of work must be treated as confidential and not divulged to third parties, copied or removed from premises or sites (unless in the normal course of business), acted on, used or applied in any manner which might be to the detriment of the company, unless prior written consent from the Director is obtained. When in doubt, personnel must obtain clarification and direction from their supervisor. 

A breach of confidentiality is considered serious and grounds for instant dismissal and may also result in criminal prosecution. 

The obligation of confidentiality outlined in this policy shall be a continuing obligation and shall survive the expiration of employment.

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